Preseli Mohair Centre, Pembrokeshire

.........Mohair Skins

We have a selection of Angora Goat skins in different sizes ranging in price from £70 -

£120 depending on size . Mohair is the top coat of the animal which is shorn for spinning

into mohair yarn.

Occasionally we also have a small number of Cashgora skins which is the undercoat of an Angora

Goat crossed with a Dairy Goat which has a shorter fleece and is extremely soft. These

special skins range from £90 each.


Payment must be made by cheque or bankers draft and all goods are dispatched within

10 days of receipt of payment.


Opening Times: Easter to October usually open Tuesday to Friday 11.00a.m.-5.00p.m. Open by appointment thereafter and on agriculture show dates. Please telephone if travelling any distance.